Pericnik Waterfall – Top Waterfalls in the World

Located in the Julian Alps, Slovenia, about 5 km (3 mi) from Mojstrana, the Pericnik Waterfall drops 16 metres (52 ft.) down to the first ridge from where it then descends 52 meters (170 ft.) down the bottom waterfall. The maximum water flow is in autumn and in spring time and in winter both waterfalls turn into innumerable icicles and floes in delicate shades of blue and green.

Pericnik Waterfall

Another beautiful feature that enhances its visitors is a cave situated at the bottom of the falls, which allows one to walk behind it and see the waterfall through a different angle.

Pericnik Waterfall

Pericnik Waterfall Map and Location

Pericnik Waterfall – Mojstrana, Kranjska Gora – Slovenia