Cascada Piedra Volada – Top Waterfalls in the World

Cascada Piedra Volada (in English: Round Stone Waterfall) is located in the Copper Canyon (Barranca del Cobre), Basaseachic Fall National Park, Mexico, about a day’s hike from Basaseachic Falls through an innermost track.  Although it does not have water year round, it is the tallest waterfall in Mexico, with a height of 453 meters (1,486 ft.).

Cascada Piedra Volada

Frequently called Piedra Volada Falls (Flying Stone Fall), its real name is Piedra Bolada (Round Stone) due to the round shape of the stone that the waterfall pass through. The lookout offers a view of the 700-meter (2,310 ft.) cliff surrounded with pine and oak forests. It flows full only in the wet season, between June to October.

Cascada Piedra Volada  

Cascada Piedra Volada Location

Cascada de Basaseachi National Park – Ocampo, Chihuahua, Mexico


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