Cueva del Fantasma Waterfall – Top Waterfalls in the World

Recently discovered in 2002, the Cueva del Fantasma (“Cave of the Ghost” in Spanish) is a giant cave 250 metres high in southern Venezuela. Located in a remote region, along the slopes of Aprada Tepui, it is one of the most biologically rich, geologically ancient parts of the world.


Cueva del Fantasma Waterfall



The Cueva del Fantasma is interpreted as the remain of an impressive gorge. The narrow gorge collapsed at the rim and was thus closed to form an enormous cavern. A spectacular waterfall comes down from its wall forming a pond at the floor, making the atmosphere even more surreal.

Although it’s not easy to reach and there are not many information (in English) about this cave available on the web, the park where it is located, Parque Nacional Canaima (Canaima National Park), is an amazingly beautiful place with gorgeous waterfalls and the magestic Mount Roraima and it’s amazing Angel Falls are definitely things you can’t left unseen.

This cave is so huge, that it is big enough for two helicopters land on the floor. To get an idea, the two white tiny specks on the ground you see in the picture, in fact, are two helicopters. But there are a even larger cave, do you think two helicopters impressive? What about a place where a Boeing 747 could (theoretically) fly? Yes, the Hang Son Doong, actually the world’s largest cave, located in Vietnam and you can check it here.



Cueva del Fantasma Location

Canaima National Park – Venezuela