Hanging Lake Waterfall – Top Waterfalls in the World

The Hanging Lake is located in Glenwood Canyon, about 7 miles east of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA. The reason for its name is that the Hanging Lake is nested on a high ledge in a narrow canyon. The frame scenery is impressive; the waterfalls drop into a crystal-clear lake colored in hues of green and aquamarine, surrounded by lush pine vegetation. You can easily see trout swimming in the water as well as dead trees lying in the lake to where it disappears somewhere deep below. The shoreline of the lake is composed of travertine, created when dissolved limestone is deposited on rocks and logs. Because of the lake’s fragile shore, both swimming and fishing are prohibited in an effort to help preserve the local for future generations.

Hanging Lake Waterfall

Hanging Lake Waterfall Location

Hanging Lake – White River National Forest, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA