Jiulong Waterfall – Top Waterfalls in the World

Located 20 km from Luoping county town, China, in a valley with a length of 4 km (2,5 mi) and a depth of 200 meters (656 ft.), the Jiulong Waterfall is made up of 10 cascades, known as Nine-Dragon Waterfalls, each forming a pool underneath. The thunderous Number 1 waterfall, the group’s highest, is 110 meters (360 ft.) wide and 56 meters (183 ft.) high. Subsequent falls, although not as high as the Number 1, vary from each other in height and width and all of them have their peculiar charm. Standing on the belvedere, one can take in the ten cascades at one sight.

Jiulong Waterfalls

In winter and spring, the cascade turns into a silver chain hanging from the sky that throws spray into the air. In sunny days, it is possible to see rainbows rising above the waterfall.

Jiulong Waterfall

Jiulong Waterfall Location

Luoping, Qujing, Yunnan – China