Papalaua Falls – Top Waterfalls in the World

Papalaua Falls are located in the deep Papalaua Valley, near Halawa, northern part of Moloka’i Island, Hawaii. Its surrounding landscape is characterized by extremely tall sea cliffs, created by volcanic activity over the last 1.5 million years, deep valleys and lush green vegetation. Even very steep slopes here are covered with emerald green cover of plants.

Papalaua Falls

Papalaua Falls flows for 501 metres (1,250 ft.) along a very steep fissure made by the force of the stream and consists of 5 drops. The most impressive part is in the middle of the falls – 340 meters (1115 ft.) tall drop, which can be observed from the sea. It flows all year round, but in rainy season (November – March) the falls can become very powerful. The sun shines in the valley only for part of the day. Often the nearby Papalaua Falls are mistaken for Kahiwa Falls. Kahiwa Falls can easily be distinguished from Papalaua Falls – the later are located at the far end of a valley, while Kahiwa Falls fall directly into the ocean.

Papalaua Falls

Papalaua Falls Location

Papalaua Falls, East Molokai, Hawaii – USA