Top 9 Haunted Forests in the United States

When you think about forests, what comes to your mind? Maybe trees, packed with birds chirping, the noise of cicadas, or even a place to rest, isolated from the rest of the world.

Have you wondered, why some forests are more welcoming than others are, and some are not welcoming at all?

Some forests are so unwelcoming that you can’t even hear the sound of a bird. The only sounds you hear are the sounds you (maybe) create in your mind. Not to say about the unpleasant sights and things you (might) see.

Today’s post we are going to North America to list the Top Haunted Forests of United States. Some places are so creepy that people avoid getting close even in daylight.


The Top Haunted Forests of United States

1 – Old House Woods, Virginia

Considered as a resting place for pirates in the past, Old House Woods got its name from an old wooden house that once stood in the center of the forest. The most common reports for this haunted forest are sights of headless dogs, glowing green orbs, and floating pirate ships.

2 – Freetown-Fall River State Forest, Southeastern Massachusetts

Reports of satanic cults, UFOs sights, numerous murders, and even hazardous waste dumping, helped associate this forest to the Bridgewater Triangle, an area of about 200 square miles (520 km2) within southeastern Massachusetts in the United States, famous for a huge sort of paranormal events.

Despite all, this haunted forest is considered a good place to visit, because of its trails, playing fields and outdoor activities.

3 – Devil’s Tramping Ground, North Carolina

People tell stories about shadow like figures among the trees, dogs yelping and avoiding going near there, as well as satanic rituals taking place inside this haunted forest.

4 – Pine Barrens, New Jersey (Lair of the Jersey Devil)

A beautiful place, with rich flora and fauna, and tall trees. The Pine Barrens is a great place for your outdoor activities, but be alert since it is also the home of the Jersey Devil, a beast with a face of a horse and wings like a bat, who lurks inside this heavily forested area.

5 – Appalachian Trail near the Bluff Mountain, Virginia

What could be scarier than a ghost haunting a hiking trail in a dense forest? A ghost of a four-year-old child haunting your hiking inside the forest. This ghost is supposed to be of a lost boy who died on the mountain trying to find his way home.

6 – Robinson Woods, Illinois

Robinson Woods

Credits: Haley Hughes

Let’s start saying it is an indigenous burial ground. Actually, it is the Robinson family burial ground. The park is closed for the evening, but this doesn’t prevent people seeing strange paranormal phenomena, like ghostly lights, scary sounds, and shadows lurking around this haunted forest.

7 – Randolph Forest, Maine

Despite being a pretty place, with lakes and green tunnels, the list of unsolved mysteries regarding this haunted forest includes people missing, glowing orbs,
strange human-like shadows, and scary noises.

8 – Dark Entry Forest, Dudley Town – Cornwall, Connecticut

Dark Entry Forest Entrance

Credits: Schummi

Almost no sunlight come inside this forest. It lies in the shadow of three mountains, with tall trees, and was once a place families lived, or tried to. The stories around this place involve epidemics, children disappearing, adults dying with no cause or explanation. There are also paranormal reports of light orbs and ghostly apparitions inside the forest. Today, the access to this haunted forest is forbidden and you will need a permit from the Dark Entry Forest Association before you start your haunted hike and exploration.

9 – Morgan-Monroe State Forest, Indiana

Morgan Monroe State Forest

Probably one of the most infamous haunted forests in the United States, the stories and eerie reports of this place are vast, from inexplicable deaths and satanic rituals to the sights of Yeti, the Big Foot.

If you are feeling brave enough, you can spend a night in the old Drake Cabin for $25, all year round. A good scary place to go is the Stepp Cemetery. Perhaps one of the most famous paranormal stories of this place is about the Baby Lester. Legend says that Lester’s mother’s ghost often appears, sitting on this tree stump crying over her lost child.