Nanpaya Temple – Bagan

Nanpaya Temple

Credit: Gerd Eichmann (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Located very close to the Manuha Pagoda, the Nanpaya Temple is a very unique and interesting shrine to visit when in Bagan.

It was built using sandstones and differs from other famous temples as the Ananda for its decorative artwork, design and for being a Hindu temple.

One of the temple’s stories says that it was used as the residence of the captive Mon king, Manuha by its grand-nephew Prince Naga Thaman.

The temple inner chamber contains 4 intricate carvings of Brahmas with three heads, as well as carvings of ogres and other Hindu gods.

There are perforated stone windows which are typical of earlier Bagan architecture. It also features interesting arches over the windows. Although this religious structure is essentially a Hindu temple it has clearly a Buddhist influence on its motifs like the Kalatha posts with lotus flowers.

Probably not the most beautiful temple in Bagan, and clearly not the biggest, but the Nanpaya Temple is full of beautiful stone carvings with some history under the hood.

Nanpaya Temple Location