Salto del Agrio – Top Waterfalls in the World

Located in the town of Caviahue, Salto del Agrio (Agrio Falls) is a cascade about 60 meters (197 ft.) high, which drops to a small green pool surrounded by yellow and red basaltic rocks. This colourful contrast and the trees called “araucarias” that surround the region make this waterfall really charming.

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Salto del Agrio

The Agrio River waters contain sulphuric acid, which gives it an acid (agrio in Spanish) taste as lemon juice.

Salto del Agrio

Although not so clear, in the morning, it is possible to see the rainbow produced by its falling water.

Salto del Agrio

Salto del Agrio Location

Salto del Agrio – Caviahue, Argentina – 37° 48.616′ S, 70° 55.410′ W