Top 5+ Beautiful Blue Holes on the Sea

If you ask me for an example of how nature can let us breathless, I would certainly tell you two words: Blue Holes. A blue hole is an underwater vertical cave, named after its peculiar and impressive contrast between the dark blue from the deep waters and the light blue from its shallow part. They can be found on the sea and on the land, and there are many you can visit, swim, and dive, like the Blue Hole of Gozo on the Maltese Islands, starting our list of the most beautiful blue holes on the sea. Enjoy it!

5 – The Blue Hole of Gozo (Dwejra Blue Hole) – Maltese Islands

Blue Hole in Gozo - Dwejra Malta


Located in the Maltese Islands, Gozo is beautiful. It has beaches, stunning landscapes, good places to eat and a blue hole. Like a natural swimming pool, the Blue Hole of Gozo does not have the same dramatic contrast as the other blue holes in this list, but it is a great spot for diving and swimming.

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4 – Dragon Hole (South of China Sea)

Dragon Hole From Above


Dragon Hole Sign


Dragon Hole

By the time of this post, the Dragon Hole (300.89m/987.2ft deep) is the deepest blue hole in the world. Tourism and fishing are still not permitted in this area, but you can check out the photographs of this gorgeous place taken by the local media.

Dragon Hole’s Location

3 – Red Sea Blue Hole

Red Sea Blue Hole

Credits: S. Ellermann

It is a famous diving location, not only because of its beauty and calm waters, but also for being one of the (if not the) most dangerous diving sites on the planet. It is still not clear why the Red Sea Blue Hole, also called Dahab Blue Hole, is so deadly. Some people say it’s due to a ghost of a girl who died there, and now lures divers to her. Other people believe that, for being an easy dive, people get careless. Despite its death count, it is still one of the most well-rated and famous diving sites in the world.

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2 – Dean’s Blue Hole – The Bahamas

Oh, the Bahamas, an archipelago of more than 700 islands and islets and many jewels, like the Dean’s Blue Hole, the second known deepest saltwater blue hole in the world and one of the most beautiful too.
Besides being one of the best spots in the world to dive and swim, the Dean’s Blue Hole is also a great place to spend a day relaxing and having fun. The beaches around the blue hole are clear and excellent spots to tan in the sun.

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1 – The Great Blue Hole – Belize

It is the most famous and beautiful blue hole in the world, and also the largest of all. The Great Blue Hole of Belize is the perfect example of a saltwater blue hole you can have. It has a perfect circular shape and shows a clear contrast between the waters. This blue hole is definitely one of the most impressive places you can visit on earth.

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The Great Blue Hole Location

The following attractions are not blue holes, but are considered or named as, and are great recreational spots if you like diving (or like beautiful places).

Blue Holes – Palau

If you have a diving certificate, this one is for you. One of the best locations for diving in the world, Palau also offers blue holes for those who seek for them. Despite its name, the attraction is not a true blue hole, in fact, the Blue Holes of Palau are small underwater holes and are perfect for subaquatic photos and selfies.

Rock Islands’ Blue Hole – Palau

This incredible place is located in Rock Islands and shows a circular shaped hole with a dramatic contrast between the turquoise waters and the lush green vegetation surrounding it.

Ok, we still have no information about this blue hole in Palau, and we even don’t know (yet) if it is a real blue hole, but it is just way too cool not to mention it.

Rock Islands’ Blue Hole Location

Guam’s Blue Hole

Guam's Heart Shaped Blue Hole

One of the most popular dive sites in Guam, this blue hole is an undersea cave that can be reached only by boat. It is also famous because you can see a hole in the shape of a heart depending on the position you are underwater.

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