Cummins Falls – Top Waterfalls in the World

Located just northwest of Cookevill, Tennessee, within the boundaries of Cummins Lakes Provincial Park, USA, Cummins Falls is the largest waterfall of the Cummins River with 23 meters (75 ft.) in height. Situated between the two Cummins Lakes, the falls drop directly out of one, and into the other. Lying in the rocks, its dramatic topography resembles a stair. It is classified as the largest privately owned waterfall in the state. The Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation is pushing to raise $1 million in order to buy the land.

Cummins Falls
The Tennessee Building Commission approved the purchase of the 211-acre tract which contains the Cummins Falls. Now, the state’s Department of Environment and Conservation plans to incorporate this area into the Burgess Falls State Park and develop trails to it. For more information visit:

Cummins Falls Location

Cummins Falls, Gainesboro, Jackson, Tennessee, United States